Big Island Fall Fairs and Festivals

As the tourist crowds thin in favor of fall school sessions, the Big Island changes from a family fantasyland to something more genuine and sedate. Islanders know that the period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year for those not tied to family, school and other fall commitments to visit the islands. The weather is the best of the entire year with clear skies and consistent trades that quell the historically highest annual temperatures. Best of all hotels and airfare are some of the best of the year.

Those choosing to visit the Big Island will find a long list of cultural festivals and fairs to enjoy. These events are perfect for those who want o spice up their annual visits with a new experience or insight to these islands. Here are some of the fall events popular in the fall.

Hawaii Island Festival

Repeat visitors will find this similar to that of the Aloha Week Festivals on other islands, but this festival is local organized and focuses on the uniqueness of the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands.

This series of events takes place in the month of September where the official Royal Court reigns over a series of unique events. The most popular is by far the Paniolo Parade and Hoolaulea held in the charming ranching town of Waimea. The parade is typically short and sweet and is filled with local high school bands, beauty queens and an amazing array of pau riders or princesses mounted on horseback decorated in an array of island flowers. The music and other interesting characters make for a well-rounded experience. The parade ends at Waimea Park where area residents, islanders and others will gather to browse through local craft tents, eat local treats and sun in the warm sun to enjoy a long program of island music and dance.

Labor Day Rodeo at Parker Ranch

Cowboys representing ranches from all across the island gather on Labor Day Weekend to challenge, compete and to outshine all others a this annual rodeo. Considered to be one of the largest rodeos in the state, the action starts on Saturday with paniolo or Hawaiian Cowboys decked out in ranch colors and fresh flower lei. Teams will participate in Bronc and Bull Riding mugging, roping and even Po`o Wai U, a traditional Hawaiian timed event. The last day features more rodeo events with wahine or women and children participating along with a horse auction.

Big Island Farm Fair

Held the first week of September, this extravaganza is held at the Ola Airport Park just a short drive from Alii Drive. It is one of those small town country fairs that attracts families from all parts of the island to enjoy the numerous rides and games. There are numerous craft and community booths where one can find a special unique gift or talk story with one of the many locals who come to enjoy the fair.

The food booths are plentiful and many have traditional fair food like corn on the cob and cotton candy, but the local treats are always the best. Try a freshly made teri-burgers, musubi or malasada and even a farmers market filled with produce bargains.

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