Big Island Day Trip – Volcanoes and Waterfalls

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The Big Island of Hawaii is by far the largest of all the islands in the Hawaiian chain, and it is also one of the most time consuming when it comes to getting from one place to another. Since the island is quite large and there is so much to see, a three or four day stay is recommended to fully explore and enjoy this island. But, what happens when the desire to enjoy

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Big Island Fall Fairs and Festivals

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As the tourist crowds thin in favor of fall school sessions, the Big Island changes from a family fantasyland to something more genuine and sedate. Islanders know that the period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year for those not tied to family, school and other fall commitments to visit the islands. The weather is the best of the entire

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Lava Ocean Adventures – Lava Viewing At It’s Best

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The Big Island of Hawaii is filled with wondrous adventures. Swim with the manta rays in Kona, or encounter a pod of dolphins from the fairways along the Kohala Coast, snorkelling with tropical fish at Kealakekua and whale watching at Kawaihae Harbor. But nothing is more unforgettable than a boat tour to the coastal lava flows. Although there are several tours with Lava

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Prehistoric birdlife of the Big Island

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="574" caption="Image by Stanton F. Fink"][/caption] It’s the early 5th century in the Common Era and humans have just arrived in Hawaii. They’re the first walking land mammals to set foot on the islands, as previously the only other mammal to show up had been the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. There were few to no reptiles or amphibians

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Discovering North Kohala

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There is hardly a better way to discover the hidden beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii then by driving the Kohala Mountain Road. The road offers breathtaking vistas, and landscapes that change from dry and dusty to magnificent rolling hills to thick tropical rainforests. Although one could make a case for attempting this drive clockwise, it offers much better views

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Hawaii’s Invasive Mouflon Sheep

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[gallery] The Hawaiian islands are the most remote archipelago on the planet.  For hundreds of thousands of years the only mammals found on land, aside from the seals that haul themselves out on the beaches, were the Hawaiian Hoary Bats that we still see today. It wasn't until humans arrived in Hawaii around 1900 years ago that other land mammals found their home

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The Ka’u Coffee Mill

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[gallery columns="2"] Nestled in Pahala's scenic Wood Valley 2.4 miles up the road from town sits the Ka'u Coffee Mill.  The mill, which processes nearly all of the coffee grown in the Ka'u area, currently offers tours and tastings by appointment only (808) 928-9811.  In recent years Ka'u coffee has gained recognition worldwide, and the mill offers its services to

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Kaalaiki Road – The scenic route between Pahala and Na’alehu

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[gallery columns="1"] Arguably Ka'u's most scenic drive, Kaalaiki road (15 miles one way) lies between Pahala and Na'alehu up on the mountainside above both towns.  Referred to as "the high road" by locals, Kaalaiki is the scenic route through this lesser-known part of big island. Sitting on Mauna Loa's eastern flanks, the best time to do this drive is in the

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Cliff Jumping South Point

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[gallery] The windswept land of Ka Lae, also known as Big Island's South Point, is home to some of the most picturesqe coastline in the state.  Holding the title of the southernmost point in the United States, this spot is where locals and adventure seekers alike come to jump off the edge of the world. Many come here to stand atop the rocky cliffs and look out at

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Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

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In Hawaii the Green Sea Turtle is called Honu.  This is the most widespread and numerous turtle in the state, and if you're visiting Kona or Hilo this is the turtle you're most likely to see. As adults Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are vegetarian, eating algae and sea grass in shallow waters near shore.  If you're snorkeling or scuba diving this turtle is a common

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Big Island’s Ka’u District

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[gallery] Ka'u is Big Island's southernmost district.  Sitting far away from the island's major cities, Ka'u is home to Hawaii's last great tracts of untouched wilderness.  There are several population centers in this district, which include Pahala, Ninole (now Sea Mountain Resort), Na'alehu, Waiohinu, Ka Lae (South Point), and the community of Ocean View. Ka'u is

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The Pacific Golden Plover

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One of Hawaii's most commonly seen seasonal visitors is Kolea, The Pacific Golden Plover. These birds migrate from Alaska and spend their winters in the Hawaiian islands. Adults arrive in August, juveniles arrive in October. Plovers are extremely widespread and their arrival in Hawaii marks a seasonal change and to many locals watching the plovers show up is an event to

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Big Island Coffee

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Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that grows coffee and Big Island produces more coffee than anywhere else. Most coffee consumed on island is grown here as well. The high cost of living and operating a farm in Hawaii has kept large coffee companies out. Because small farms can't compete with low-cost bulk coffee Hawaiian farms produce only high-quality specialty

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Hawksbill Sea Turtles

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Many sea turtles swim in the waters throughout the state of Hawaii, but the rarest of them all is the critically endangered 'Ea, or Hawksbill sea turtle, which can only be found in the waters around big island's Ka'u district. Less than 100 nesting females come ashore every year to lay their eggs in the sand on Ka'u's sparse sandy beaches. Most of Southern Hawaii

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Jacksons Chameleons

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In 1972 Robin Ventura, a pet shop owner in Kaneohe on Oahu, obtained a Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture permit to import Jackson's Chameleons from Kenya to Hawaii in order to sell them in his shop. When the chameleons arrived they were unhealthy, thin, and dehydtrated, so he released them into a tree in his back yard to regain their strength believing that he could

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Hawaiian Humpbacks

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Every year more than 2,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaiian waters.  A population of up to 600 inhabits the waters off Big Island's western coast, and for those that come to watch them there's nothing quite like it.  Watching whales in the clear blue waters of Hawaii is a far cry from mainland whale watching.  To see the animal beneath the water, as well as above

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Big Island Beef

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In 1793 Captain George Vancouver arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii and presented King Kamehameha with a gift of a dozen cattle. Many of these cattle became ill and died and the rest were killed and eaten. The following year, in 1794 Captain Vancouver returned to the island and presented the King with another dozen cattle, this time suggesting that they be protected

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Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

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Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are the smallest dolphin species in the world and are about as close to the human scale as dolphins get.  Adults max out at around 200lbs and don't grow longer than 6 feet.  These playful and inquisitive cetaceans can be found in all Hawaiian waters, but are extremely common along big island's Kona coastline, with most sightings along the 50

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Tidepooling Big Island

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  Tidepools are a common sight around Hawaii, especially on Big Island which has more rocky coastline and fewer sandy beaches.  An astonishing variety of life can be found in these small pools that sit in the grey area between the land and the sea. A lava shoreline is porous and in many places pockets of air will become trapped beneath overhangs, in caves, or

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Night Diving with Manta Rays

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At 8:15 we're driving down Ali'i dr. headed for Keauhou bay. The sun's been down for two hours, there's no moon, the ocean is just an inky blackness beyond the guardrail. We arrive at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay, park the car, and proceed up to the ocean overlook attached to the outdoor lounge. Here at Keauhou bay they shine bright lights into the coastal waters at night.

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Simple Hawaiian Food Dishes

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There is no facet of modern Hawaii where the multi-cultural influences are more evident than in the area of food. Everyday food choices that folks in Hawaii enjoy run a spectrum as glorious as Hawaii's rainbows. Office party pot-lucks, picnics and other special, but informal gatherings offer a unique insight into the day to day lives of Hawaii's people. On a menu at

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Whale and Dolphin Watching from Shore

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Every year more than 2000 humpback whales travel to Hawaiian waters in winter to mate and give birth to offspring and about 800 of these animals spend their time in Hawaii around the shores of Big Island. Many people take whale watching charters or paddle kayaks offshore to view these massive underwater beasts, but if you know the right places to look you may be able to

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Big Island Airports – Which One is Best?

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Getting to and from the Big Island seems to getting easier every year especially for those who are arriving for the North American continent and points beyond. Many large airlines have discovered the Big Island and continue to expand non-stop service from the continent on a regular basis. Larger than al the other islands put together, the Big Island has become the only

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Kuana Torres Kahele – Delightful and Silky Island Sounds

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Many may have already encountered this Big Island talent during one of his performances as a part of the group Na Palapalai. The group was frequently featured at special events around the islands where they would bring their creative and cultural sounds to many visitors lucky enough to experience them at sunset in one of the large and lovely island resorts. However,

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In Search of Hawaiian History in Keauhou

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It’s a trip I’ve taken more than once over the past two years, but today, I thought it should be taken a slower than usual. Other times I have visited have been in the crush of the summer months where areas along Alii Drive swell with tourists, rental cars and other sign of economic prosperity. The weather wasn’t as postcard beautiful on this October day.

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Hawaii County Bed And Breakfasts – Be Sure It’s Legal

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Luxury resorts are numerous along the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, but many especially return visitors will opt out of the upscale resort experience in search of something more unique personal and private. The Big Island has many options to satisfy the tastes of the resort weary. However, there are many cautions for those in search of that ideal Big Island bed and

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Hilo’s Tsunami Past

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In recent years the world has been made shockingly aware what devastation and destruction can occur when earthquakes trigger tsunami. Traveling at the speeds of a jet aircraft, these waves are very difficult to track and advance warnings to possible victims can be a challenge even in this digital age. The Hawaiian Islands have had their share of tsunami. Hilo was

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Hawaiian Airlines Adds Service to Seoul

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Hawaiian Airlines yesterday announced new service between Honolulu and Seoul-Incheon which will commence in January 2011. The proposed new service still requires final approval from South Korea's Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. Airlines don't typically announce new routes until they have confirmed during negotiations with regulators and port

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