While the most exclusive resorts on the Big Island huddle together on the Kohala Coast, there are hotels in every major sector of the island. In most cases, a hotel Big Island Hawaii will offer more limited facilities but better bargains than any resort. Better yet, many of the hotels enjoy outstanding locations right in the middle of towns like Kailua-Kona, Hilo and Volcano.

These are a few of the more popular hotels Big Island Hawaii:

Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay Hotel

The Kona Bay Hotel is located directly across from the Kona Inn shopping plaza on Ali’i Drive. This is a favorite Big Island hotelfor Hawaiian residents stay, and it offers one of the best locations in Kailu-Kona, within walking distance of every major bar or restaurant.

Tel: (808) 367 5102

Kona Islander Inn

The Kona Islander Inn gets the final word on budget hotels on the Big Island of Hawaii. It dates to the 1960s and offers no-frills atmosphere in a premium location in Kailua-Kona.

Tel: (808) 622 8348

Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

Planted on the northern end of the biggest and best beach on the Big Island, the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel offers luxury accommodation on a portion of the Kohala Coast that manages a posh and up-market atmosphere without caving to the resort trappings of Waikoloa and Mauna Lani.

Tel: (808) 882 6060

Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel

Opposite the Kona Bay Hotel is Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel. This is one of the most affordable Hilo hotels on Big Island Hawaii, and as with all the holdings of Big Island magnate “Uncle Billy”, the location couldn’t be better.

Tel: (808) 367 5102

Hilo Seaside Hotel

Another popular option on this side of the island, Hilo Seaside Hotel stands on Banyan Drive right on the bay. There’s a golf course nearby, and guests are well-located to enjoy all that the Hilo side has to offer.

Tel: (808) 560 5557

The Inn at Volcano

Another hotel with access to the national park, the Inn at Volcano is sequestered away in a lush rainforest. This is a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel in Big Island Hawaii, but it’s one of relatively few options near the park and stays busy throughout the year.

Tel: (808) 937 7786

Dolphin Bay Hotel

On the outskirts of downtown Hilo, the Dolphin Bay Hotel has fruit trees in the garden, and guests are welcome to enjoy the starfruit, bananas and papayas. These rooms are within walking distance of central Hilo.

Tel: (808) 935 1466

South Point Banyan Tree House

Hawaii has a few “tree-house” cottages, and the South Point Banyan Tree House gets many of the best reviews. It’s charming and rustic, with plenty of plush, in-room amenities that make it easy to forget you’re living in a tree.

Tel: (808) 302 8180

Kona Magic Sands

This well-priced hotel is located on Ali’i Drive near popular Magic Sands beach. Balconies overlook the sea and each room at Kong Magic Sands has a kitchenette.

Tel: (808) 329 3333

Kilauea Lodge

This hotel dates to the 1930s when the YMCA built it. Today, Kilauea Lodge is one of the preferred hotels in Big Island Hawaii near Volcanoes National Park. Cast on beautifully landscaped grounds, the lodge also operates a restaurant.

Tel: (808) 967 7366