Prehistoric birdlife of the Big Island

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="574" caption="Image by Stanton F. Fink"][/caption] It’s the early 5th century in the Common Era and humans have just arrived in Hawaii. They’re the first walking land mammals to set foot on the islands, as previously the only other mammal to show up had been the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. There were few to no reptiles or amphibians

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Discovering North Kohala

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There is hardly a better way to discover the hidden beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii then by driving the Kohala Mountain Road. The road offers breathtaking vistas, and landscapes that change from dry and dusty to magnificent rolling hills to thick tropical rainforests. Although one could make a case for attempting this drive clockwise, it offers much better views

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Big Island Beef

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big island beef

In 1793 Captain George Vancouver arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii and presented King Kamehameha with a gift of a dozen cattle. Many of these cattle became ill and died and the rest were killed and eaten. The following year, in 1794 Captain Vancouver returned to the island and presented the King with another dozen cattle, this time suggesting that they be protected

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In Search of Hawaiian History in Keauhou

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Keauhou Resort

It’s a trip I’ve taken more than once over the past two years, but today, I thought it should be taken a slower than usual. Other times I have visited have been in the crush of the summer months where areas along Alii Drive swell with tourists, rental cars and other sign of economic prosperity. The weather wasn’t as postcard beautiful on this October day.

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Hilo’s Tsunami Past

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Tsunami Clock in Hilo, Hawaii

In recent years the world has been made shockingly aware what devastation and destruction can occur when earthquakes trigger tsunami. Traveling at the speeds of a jet aircraft, these waves are very difficult to track and advance warnings to possible victims can be a challenge even in this digital age. The Hawaiian Islands have had their share of tsunami. Hilo was

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