Verna’s Too Drive Inn

For those living in the rain forest community of Mountain View on the Big Island, there’s only one place in town to get a bite after 5pm and that’s Verna’s Too Drive In in the heart of Mountain View town.  Next to the gas station, Verna’s Too is open until 9pm.  This is some authentic local Hawaiian food right here.  This is what locals across the state eat for lunch or pick up after a long day’s work when they don’t want to cook.  A little greasy, starchy, hot, and filling, Verna’s serves up Hawaiian favorites like the Loco Moco, Pork Laulau, Chicken Katsu, and Saimin.  Just one restaurant in the Verna’s chain that covers Hilo and Puna areas, Verna’s Too is open 7 days a week.

In typical drive in fashion, you make and take your order from a window at the front.  There is seating available in front and in a room on the side, but most people take their food with them.  As local food goes, Verna’s Too is pretty good.  The service is friendly and fast and the food is always satisfying.